Località il Piano

established in 2001

Località il Piano is a working family farm run by Darcy Gordon and Adolfo Rosati, and our sons Filippo and Benjamin. We're located in the Appennine mountains of central Italy, just outside of Spoleto in Umbria.

The fields and house were in ruins when we bought the property in 2001, and we've kept busy ever since replanting the fields and rebuilding the house! We now live in the farmhouse, renting out two vacation apartments upstairs. Most of the milk, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit that we produce fills our bellies and those of our friends, family and guests, and the rest is sold locally or donated to a charity kitchen. We cultivate several hectares of fruit, olives and grapes, a permaculture "forest garden", a collection of medicinal and culinary herbs,  and a large vegetables and flower garden, focusing on heritage varieties and crops which produce well without any chemical treatments or fertilizers. 

Località il Piano has been certified organic since 2004, but we feel that there is much more than the buzzword "organic" that makes our food special. We try to combine the best aspects of traditional local agriculture (low waste, low input, saving seed) with the best ideas and practices in modern agriculture (disease-resistant cultivars, drip irrigation, post-harvest management), working to achieve a sustainable system. We want to give non-farmers the opportunity to get their hands dirty and learn about where their food comes from, and also to share our experience and mistakes with other farmers or people who would like to start a farm of their own. Both of us are passionate about sustainable agriculture and enjoy hosting guests and volunteers who are interested in the subject in depth.

We look forward to your visit.

Adolfo and Darcy