Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2016

shooting flaming arrows at Località il Piano

No better way to bring in the new year with old friends than by shooting flaming arrows...

flaming witch at Località il Piano

at a flammable effigy. January 01 2016.

making acorn bread, Località il Piano

From dry acorns, to shelled acorns, to leached-boiled accorns, to acorn bread! January 2016.

testing the sleds, Località il Piano

If you have enough enthusiasm, you really only need 1 cm of snow to test your Christmas present. January 2016.

Valentino the buck, Località il Piano

Valentino has grown into a very cool dude with a cool hair-do. All he's missing is a gold chain around his neck. February 2016.

surveying the new woods, Località il Piano

Surveying our new parcel of forest with Gregorio. March 2016.

Ben seeding sweet corn, Località il Piano

Ben is hard at work seeding another row of sweet corn. March 2016.

wwoofer milking goat at Località il Piano

WWOOFer Lyoma milking Sneetches. April 2016.

kiwi flowers at Località il Piano

Kiwi flowers, so fragrant. April 2016.

blackberries in bloom at Località il Piano

Promise of berry goodness. April 2016.

herd of sheep and goats at Località il Piano

Somehow The Herd got up to 22 members. It's hard to tell which one is the guard dog. April 2016.

Orso turns 1!

Orso turns 1! May 2016.

poultry pastured under the vineyard at Localita il Piano

Poultry enjoy the spring grass in the vineyard. May 2016.

making pasta at Localita il Piano

And they turn the grass into eggs! May 2016.

poppy photo 2016 Località il Piano

Nesting in the poppies. May 2016.

strawberries asparagus and peas from the garden at Località il Piano

Late spring abundance. May 2016.

shelling fava beans at Località il Piano

Fafa-bean at work shelling favas. May 2016.

fresh picked mulberries, currants and raspberries at Località il Piano

Mulberry, raspberry, currant goodness. June 2016.

goat udder at Località il Piano

Got milk? Goat milk! June 2016.

experimental blue cheese with goat milk at Località il Piano

Experimental goat-milk blue cheese. June 2016.

herb garden and farmhouse at Località il Piano

The new herb garden is flourishing. June 2016.

fresh picked berries at Località il Piano

The fruits of our labor. July 2016.

3 home-made jams in progress at Località il Piano

An intense jam session. July 2016.

A 1987 Fiat Panda pulling an oxcart at Località il Piano

Who says oxen are needed to pull the oxcart? ....

human-powered oxcart at Località il Piano

August 2016.

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