Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2015

snowy view of Vallo di Nera, from the road to Località il Piano

Vallo di Nera under a blanket of snow. January 2015.

newborn lamb in Ben's arms, Località il Piano

Ben and newborn Cinnamon. January 2015.

Three snowmen, Località il Piano

The three snowmen. January 2015.

ladybug and bee dressed up for Carnevale, Località il Piano

The insects are ready for a Carnevale party. February 2015.

wintery sunset seen from Località il Piano

Wintery sunset over Coscerno. February 2015.

Ben bottlefeeding baby goat Valentino, at Località il Piano

Bottlefeeding baby Valentino, our new billygoat. February 2015.

farm produce box contents in March, from the road to Località il Piano

Mini-CSA box contents in early spring: "Pink Jumbo Banana" squash, red currant jam, fresh eggs, "Red Russian" and Tuscan kales, baby broccoli, spicy arugula, sunchoke tubers. March 2015.

The first goose egg this spring, Località il Piano

Fafa found Snow White's first (goose) egg this spring. So big! March 2015.

daffodils against the Località il Piano farmhouse

Spring has sprung, at least a bit. Daffodils are up and peach buds swelling. March 2015.

snow on nectarine blossoms at Località il Piano

Back to winter! Snow on nectarine blossoms. April 2015.

Cookie the goat with her twins at Località il Piano

Cookie with her newborn twins. April 2015.

poultry at pasture at Località il Piano

Chickens grazing in the vineyard. April 2015.

wwoofers at Località il Piano

WWOOFers Nathan and Kenneth gave us a hand with spring farm projects. April 2015.

Chef Fafa making pizza dough at Località il Piano

Chef Fafa, busy making a very large batch of pizza dough for a group of farm visitors. May 2015.

Ben learning to make pizza at Località il Piano

Ben learns to make pizza. May 2015.

Musa the cow at pasture, Località il Piano

Musa the Jersey cow has arrived! May 2015.

milking Musa the cow at Località il Piano

Ben's first grade class observes milking time. Photo by Terese. May 2015.

the cheese aging room at Località il Piano

Jersey and Jersey-goat cheeses aging in the basement. June 2015.

Ben learns to drive the tractor at Località il Piano

Ben steers the tractor while Adolfo works the pedals. June 2015.

Orso arrives at Località il Piano

Puppy Orso plays with Fafa. June 2015.

Fafa and Faith pitting Montmorency cherries at Località il Piano

Fafa and WWOOFer Faith pitting Montmorency pie cherries. June 2015.

dried cherries and cherry syrup at Località il Piano

Sundried cherries and cherry syrup, coming right up! June 2015.

Fafa enjoys Pakistan mulberries at Località il Piano

Fafa enjoys Pakistan mulberries. June 2015.

Gregorio, Fanny and Theo hunting for black summer truffles at Località il Piano

Gregorio, Fanny and Theo hunting for black summer truffles. July 2015.

farmhouse front view at Località il Piano

Farmhouse from the front. July 2015.

hand-labelling jars of jam at Località il Piano

So many jam jars to label! August 2015.

Vegetables ready for grilling at the Località il Piano summer party

Garden produce ready for the grill, at the open-farm summer party. August 2015.

Ben and Micia, at Località il Piano

Ben and new kitten Micia. August 2015.

Orso the Maremmano at pasture with his goats, Località il Piano

Orso guarding his flock. August 2015.

2015 Rosati family portrait, Località il Piano

Rosati family portrait, taken by WWOOFer Carmen. August 2015.

Fafa steals plums, Località il Piano

Fafa "borrows" some plums. August 2015.

Ellie the Brown Alpine cow, Località il Piano

Ellie (aka The Elephant) arrives. August 2015.

Yogurt experiments, Località il Piano

Experimental yogurt... we're going for thick and creamy. September 2015.

FLakes of ricotta float to the top of the hot whey, Località il Piano

Flakes of ricotta float to the top of the hot whey, after straining out the curd for cheesemaking. September 2015.

South face of the farmhouse, Località il Piano

While searching for the old trail to Pratale, we found a new view of the farmhouse. September 2015.

Adolfo and the first pawpaw, cultivar Sunflower, Località il Piano

Adolfo proudly displays his first ripe pawpaw, Asimina triloba cultivar Sunflower. September 2015.

Flesh and pulp of pawpaw, Asimina triloba, cultivar Sunflower, Località il Piano

Creamy like a banana, with a flavor of mango and apple. Delicious! September 2015.

crushing grapes, Località il Piano

Fafa and WWOOFer Conor crushing grapes the old-fashioned way. September 2015.

Fall color, Località il Piano

Fall color just starting. October 2015.

Orso, Ellie and Darcy, Località il Piano

Buddies. October 2015.

Nun beans, Località il Piano

The winners of the 2015 Bean Trials: Monachella ("Little Nun"), Cocco, and others. November 2015.

gingerbread cow, Località il Piano

The gingerbread cow, making chocolate manure. December 2015.

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