Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2014

Ben and Fafa making ravioli, Località il Piano

Ben and Fafa cutting the dough for butternut squash ravioli. January 2014.

WWOOFer spreading straw mulch in the garden at Località il Piano

WWOOFer Marcus spreading straw mulch in the vegetable garden. January 2014.

Farmhouse through the young fig orchard, Località il Piano.

Farmhouse, seen though the fig tree collection (80 different varieties). February 2014.

Ben holding newborn lamb, Neve. Località il Piano.

Ben holding newborn lamb, Neve ("Snow"). February 2014.

Wild greens gathered at Località il Piano

Wild greens gathered from the fields: nettle, chicory, sow thistle. March 2014.

planting onions at Località il Piano

Fafa and WWOOFer Anna planting onions. April 2014.

Baby goats at Località il Piano

Baby goats at pasture. April 2014.

farmhouse through the apples in spring, Località il Piano.

Farmhouse, looking down from the apple field. April 2014.

on the way back from milking the goats, Località il Piano

Milking squad on their way back from the barn. May 2014.

Ball of curd, in the early stages of making goat mozzarella, Località il Piano.

Balling the curd, ready to make goat's-milk mozzarella. May 2014.

wood-fired pizza oven at Località il Piano

... and that mozzarella is mighty good on pizza! May 2014.

fencing a new pasture, Località il Piano

Fencing the new pasture. May 2014.

spring veg garden at Località il Piano

Putting in the summer vegetable garden. May 2014.

summer veg garden at Località il Piano

It grew fast! June 2014.

making pickles at Località il Piano

Ben makes pickles. June 2014.

picking raspberries at Località il Piano

WWOOFer Jessica picking raspberries. June 2014.

playing on the antique oxcart at Località il Piano

Ben and Fafa playing on the old oxcart. June 2014.

sun-drying apricot fruit leather at Località il Piano

Fafa tests the apricot fruit leather. July 2014.

new greenhouse-chicken coop at Località il Piano

The newly converted greenhouse.... now a high-security poultry coop. July 2014.

chicken nests at Località il Piano

The luxury condo of nests built by WWOOFer Erez from recycled lumber. July 2014.

summer truffles at Località il Piano

Black summer truffles dug out by Fanny and Theo, Gregorio's amazing truffle dogs. August 2014.

tasting tomato varieties at Località il Piano

A farm tour group samples our favorite heirloom tomato varieties. August 2014.

chickens grazing under the vineyard at Località il Piano

Setting up mobile fencing to graze the vineyard with poultry. August 2014.

turkey leaps for grapes at Località il Piano

Turkeys like San Giovese as much as we do. August 2014.

the apple harvesting crew at Località il Piano

The apple crew at work. September 2014.

the grape harvesting crew at Località il Piano

The vendemmia crew picking grapes. September 2014.

stomping grapes at Località il Piano

Crushing the grapes the old-fashioned way. September 2014.

making wild peach jam at Località il Piano

Persico (wild peach) jam in progress. October 2014.

bountiful harvest at Località il Piano

Bountiful fall harvest. October 2014.

wolves kill a lamb at Località il Piano

Wolf attack 27 October 2014. RIP Neve, JetBlack and Cornuto.

jack o'lanterns at Località il Piano

Cousins carve Ben's "Bix Max" and "Atlantic Giant" pumpkins. 31 October 2014.

south view of the farmhouse at Località il Piano

Fall view of the farm from the south. Photo by WWOOFer Trey. November 2014.

view of fall vegetable garden and mountains at Località il Piano

Fall view over the garden. November 2014.

white turkey at Località il Piano

Tom, strutting his stuff, unaware that its getting to be late November.

Thanksgiving turkey from Località il Piano

Tom, dressed for Thanksgiving dinner 2014.

playing knights with panettone boxes at Località il Piano

Knights of the Order of the Panettone Box Helmets! December 2014.

5 cousins together for Christmas

Visiting the California cousins for Christmas 2014.

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