Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2013

view of the snowy Localita' il Piano farmhouse, looking down from Paterno

Looking down at the farmhouse from the village of Paterno. January 2013.

Localita il Piano, 1

Finally we have a street address, though no postman without 4x4 will venture down our road! January 2013.

Adolfo grades Asparagus acutifolius plants, Localita il Piano

Adolfo grades baby asparagus plants (Asparagus acutifolius) for sale. January 2013.

polishing off the last few persimmons at Localita il Piano

Fafa polishes off our last few persimmons. February 2013.

predawn view from Localita il Piano

Pre-dawn view from the kitchen window. February 2013.

Ben and Fafa, Localita il Piano

Ben and Fafa hitch a ride to the barn. March 2013.

duck, chicken, and goose eggs, Località il Piano

Spring bounty of eggs: duck, chicken, goose.  March 2013.

FIAT 605C montagna, Località il Piano

Adolfo, Ben and Fafa on our trusty rusty Fiat 605C. March 2013.

Ben kneads Pizza di Pasqua at Località il Piano

Ben kneads the dough of "Pizza di Pasqua", the cheese bread traditionally made at Easter time. March 2013.

Mara and Pasqualina, twin does, at Località il Piano

Pasqualina and Sneetches, twin does born to Camoscia on Easter morning. April 2013.

cuzurellu at Località il Piano

Rolling eggs at the Pasquetta party. April 2013.

Francesina with her lambs, Chocolate Milk and Panna, at Località il Piano

Francesina with her lambs, Chocolate Milk and Panna. April 2013.

goats devouring olive prunings at Località il Piano

Goats devouring olive prunings. April 2013.

Big Stuff, the Ancona rooster, at Località il Piano

BigStuff the Ancona rooster. April 2013.

geese at pasture, Località il Piano

Geese at pasture. April 2013.

hunting snail in front of the farmhouse at Località il Piano

Ben and Fafa hunt snails to feed to the chickens. April 2013.

wild asaparagus harvest, Località il Piano

Still harvesting wild asparagus in May this year!

Ben on bike, Località il Piano

5 years old! Ben learns to ride his birthday present, 24 May 2013.

Poppy season, Vallo di Nera

Poppy season in Valnerina. May 2013

WWOOFer picks pie cherries, Località il Piano

WWOOFer Roshan picks Montmorency cherries. June 2013.

morning harvest, Località il Piano

Morning harvest of berries and herbs...

apples cv. Saladina and summer squash, Località il Piano

and afternoon harvest of apples and summer squash. June 2013.

cleaning escargot, Località il Piano

Fafa cleans snails for cooking. June 2013.

WWOOFers move chicken tractor through the vineyard, Località il Piano

WWOOFers move chicken tractor through the vineyard. July 2013.

jamming black currants and gooseberries, Località il Piano

Jamming black currants and gooseberries. July 2013.

Adolfo giving out jam samples in Vallo di Nera

Adolfo giving jam samples at Vallo di Nera. July 2013.

Ben and Fa and Darcy, Località il Piano

Ben and Darcy and Fafa. July 2013.

Mini-CSA box, Località il Piano

Mid-summer content of our mini-CSA box: "La Cassetta di Quello Che C'e'". August 2013.

Ben and Fafa on the old Vespa, Località il Piano

Ben and Fafa playing on the Vespa that Adolfo's parents bought when they got married in 1963. August 2013.

WWOOFers tending baby leeks, Località il Piano

WWOOFers George and Georgie transplanting and tending baby leeks. September 2013.

Making pizza, Località il Piano

Making pizza for guests! September 2013.

Halloween mustaches, Localita' il Piano

Stanford band member and Jack o'lantern sporting "spooky" mustaches. Halloween 2013.

polenta, winter squash, onions, Localita' il Piano

Abundant fall harvest nearly blocks the stairs: 

polenta corn, popcorn, winter squashes, onions and shallots. October 2013.

olive harvest, Localita' il Piano

Harvesting two tons of olives. November 2013.

turnips, Localita' il Piano

Picking turnips for the CSA boxes. November 2013.

Cornus mas, Localita' il Piano

Cornelian cherries  (Cornus mas) make a nice cranberry substitute. Thanksgiving 2013.

Adolfo and Darcy in Seville.

Self-portait in Seville. November 2013.

gingerbread pigsty, Localita' il Piano

Ben's delicious gingerbread pig-sty. December 2013.

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