Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2012

Fafa and Nonna Deirdre cruising in the new vineyard. January 2012.

Adventure in California: Ben and Fafa love the bike trailer. January 2012.

Snowy lonely farm in our absence. February 2012.

Fafa, Sam and Baffona patrolling the strawberry patch. April 2012.

Ben with "earrings", ever so pleased to be climbing a cherry tree. May 2012.

WWOOFers cutting some oat hay for the goats . June 2012.

Helping the young grape vines find the trellis in the new vineyard. June 2012

Annual family poppy photo: Adolfo with Fafa, Darcy with Ben. June 2012.

Turkey hen with chicken chicks at Localita il Piano.

Mamma Turkey and her (chicken) chicks. July 2012.

WWOOFers pitting apricots at Localita il Piano.

WWOOFers sort and pit apricots for jam. July 2012

View of the farmhouse through the apple orchard, Localita il Piano.

Finally some apples to taste! July 2012.

Tiling the exterior stairs at Localita il Piano.

Construction continues...  Adolfo tiling the exterior stairs. August 2012.

Clean boys! August 2012.

Turkeys and guinea hens join chickens in the

Current occupants of the "chicken tractor". August 2012.

a farm tour group learning about wild edible plants at Localita' il Piano

A farm tour group in the apple orchard, learning about edible wild plants. September 2012.

making duck sausage with Gregorio

Gregorio and Adolfo make "duck duck goose" sausage. September 2012.

(Yes, the ingredients included our ducks and geese, as well as salt, pepper, rosemary, marjoram, chives, white wine!)

cabinet full of jam and preserves, Localita' il Piano

2012 has been bountiful: raspberry jam, apricot sauce, black currant jam, canned cherries... October 2012.

escargot with 3 species of edible snails - Localita il Piano

Making escargot of our garden pests. October 2012.

(Helix leucorum, Helix pomatia, Helix spp: WWOOFer Malte says they were tasty.)

fall color behind the farmhouse, at Localita' il Piano

Autumn rains bring green before fall color. November 2012.

Gelso the donkey, muzzle-first, Localita' il Piano Billygoat, Localita' il Piano

Barnyard cameos by WWOOFer Matt: Gelso Donkey and Bill E. Goat. November 2012

Ben builds a snowman in Meggiano, Localita' il Piano

Ben celebrates the first snow by building a snowman in Meggiano. December 2012.

torta di Natale, Christmas cake, with medlars, at Localita il Piano.

Our version of the traditional "torta di Natale" (Christmas cake), with medlars, apples, walnuts and chocolate. December 2012.

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