Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2011

Gelso, Jujube and Sorba enjoying the snow. January 2011.

Henny and Penny would rather be snug in the strawbale barn. January 2011.

Adolfo and Ben, all done spreading manure. February 2011.

Pedicure! February 2011.

Ben and his tractor help pot up fig trees in the greenhouse. February 2011.

View of the farmhouse from the apple field. March 2011.

Mamma Camoscia licking off newborn Carruba. March 2011.

What to do with the spring surplus of eggs? Ben and Nonna Antonietta making pasta. April 2011.

WWOOFers Nick and Molly gathering wild asparagus. April 2011.

The strawberry weevil in action. May 2011.

Annual family poppy photo.  May 2011.

Filippo Rosati (aka Alfalfa or 'Fafa), born 07 June 2011, healthy and (thankfully) sleepy.

Rosati men: big, medium and extra-small. June 2011.

Stanford Vintage Dance Ensemble alumni perform in Piazza Duomo for the Spoleto Festival. July 2011.

'Fafa helps with picking early pears. July 2011.

Adolfo and WWOOFers making progress on the stone wall around the pizza oven and fireplace. July 2011.

Fafa and Mamma. July 2011.

Boys! August 2011.

Gregorio with Teo and Fanny, showing the truffles that they dug up on our land. September 2011. 

Four of us in Spoleto for a concert. September 2011.

Making grape juice the old fashioned way. September 2011. (they did scrub their feet first!)

Australian WWOOFers Sabine and Zoe mulch the new vineyard. October 2011.

SuperBiddy and her brood of 11 enjoy the "chicken tractor", our mobile grazing coop. October 2011.

Ben helps dig sunchokes for dinner. November 2011.

Rainbow over Paterno. November 2011.

Cool nights and warm days bring fall color to the strawberry patch. November 2011.

Fafa dances the Nutcracker. December 2011.

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