Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2010

Adolfo and Ben piloting the faithful Fiat tractor, just finished preparing the soil for our new field of currants, raspberries and blackberries.  January 2010.

Why walk if you can run? Hurrying along the garden path. February 2010.

View of snowy woods and Mt. Coscerno across the valley, from our living room. February 2010.

Family self-snapshot. March 2010

Intently scooping and dumping gravel, on a rare sunny day. March 2010.

Getting clean is as much fun as getting dirty! March 2010.

Jujube and Sorba mowing the olive grove under the house. April 2010.

Rainbow over the distant watchtower, from the kitchen window. April 2010.

Recently-shorn Ben, with his herd: Francesina the lamb, mamma goat Lola and her baby Lilla', Selvatica and Camoscia lurking behind. April 2010.

North view of the still-in-progress farmhouse: the top floor is the agriturismo, ground level our house. April 2010.

Abundant apple blossoms. April 2010.

WWOOFers sorting chard. May 2010.

Ben's 2nd birthday party: jamming with Papa and Zio Angelo. May 2010.

WWOOFers from New Zealand and California give us a hand shearing Francesina. May 2010.

Annual family poppy photo, this time in our leek patch. June 2010.


Meal prepared for us by visiting chefs Irene and Mike Pagana. 

Menu: handmade ricotta-sausage ravioli, chard and squash blossom packets stuffed with ratatouille, escargot with sage butter, grilled eggplant, challah bread, juneberry shortcake with whipped cream courtesy of the goats. June 2010. 

Many hands make light work: WWOOFers in the vegetable garden. June 2010.

"Piccoli frutti" coming into production: golden red and black raspberries, white and black currants. July 2010.

Angel the white rooster, and his lady friends. July 2010.

Goat milk --> mozzarella --> pizza! July 2010.

Preparatory work for the new vineyard. Part I: Prepare the soil. July 2010.

Preparatory work for the new vineyard. Part II: Move and assemble greenhouse. July 2010.

Preparatory work for the new vineyard. Part III: Install irrigation system. August 2010.

Adolfo demonstrated his "double-barrel" milking style on goat Selvatica.  August 2010. Photo by WWOOFer Kristen.

Hard work requires good food! Dinner table shot by hungry WWOOFer Alex. August 2010.

Wine grapes ripening in the lower vineyard. August 2010. Photo taken by WWOOFer Kristen. 

Adolfo proudly displaying his birthday present: Ciuffo and Ciufetta. August 2010. Photo taken by WWOOFer Kristen. 

Ben and WWOOFer Olga picking apples. August 2010. Photo taken by WWOOFer Alex. 

Heirloom-variety tomatoes from the garden. September 2010.

Collecting windfall apples after a hailstorm... time to make applesauce! September 2010.

All dressed up for Cousin Giuseppe's Cresima (Confirmation). October 2010

Hunting for mushrooms in the old chestnut forest after the first fall rains. October 2010.

WWOOFer Marie picking olives... 500 kg olives --> 80 liters oil! November 2010.

Changing tires is great fun even at 7am and 0 degrees C. December 2010.

White Christmas at Località il Piano! 

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