Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2009

 Renovated farmhouse.  January 2009.

Ben eats beets. January 2009.

Adolfo harvesting last year's willow shoots for basket-making material. February 2009.

Everyone dressed for Carnevale.  February 2009.

Snow on apricot blossoms. March 2009.

Adolfo bud-grafting a local pear variety onto a seedling rootstock. March 2009.

Benjamin supervising pruning in the upper olive grove. April 2009.

Double nonna-power, tending garden and baby. May 2009.

WWOOFers (and parents!) helping load hay bales in Gregorio's fields. June 2009.

It takes many hands to hold up a woozy Fico as he comes around after general anesthesia. June 2009.

Three generations on the tractor at once. June 2009.

Ben keeping soggy to beat the heat. June 2009.

Ben and cousin Gabriele devour watermelon at our first pizza party to inaugurate the wood burning oven. June 2009.

Annual family poppy photo. July 2009.

WWOOFers irrigating the collection of heritage apple varieties. July 2009.

Ben likes gardening. One cherry tomato for the bowl, one for the mouth..... July 2009.

Stretching the curd of our goat-milk mozzarella with the help of WWOOFer Alison. August 2009.

Ben helping Adolfo tile the downstairs guest bathroom. September 2009.

Harvesting wine grapes in the lower vineyard with WWOOFer Jon. September 2009.

Sowing wheat, oats and rye in our only flat field. October 2009. 

Fall vegetable garden in foreground.... fennel, carrots, broccoli, four varieties of cabbage, red and golden beets, lettuce, radicchio, kale, romanesco, four kinds of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, fava beans, onions, three kinds of turnips, rutabagas, broccoli raab, celery, spinach! October 2009.

Rock foundation and the first bale of the new barn. November 2009.

Laying plastic as a moisture barrier. November 2009.

Fir rafters and recycled chestnut beams. November 2009.

Thanksgiving dinner with California relatives and friends. November 2009.

Farm boy catches a ride in the wheelbarrow. December 2009.

At a Christmas concert in Spoleto. December 2009.

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