Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2007

Up close and personal with Nespola, the new milk goat. Jan 2007.

A trailer-load of olive trees for filling in the old olive field under the house. February 2007.

Achille, our valley's most famous donkey, posed and ready for the camera to roll for the special TV program on Vallo di Nera. February 2007.

Dowsing with Zio Angelo. February 2007.

Land tax registry from 1833 archive, referring to our farmhouse and the surrounding land as "Il Piano". February 2007.

Ready for 12 truckloads of cement.  March 2007. 

The building site, busy as a bee hive. The house will be over on the right. April 2007.

Adolfo and Sorba survey their kingdom. April 2007.

Achille's first born daughter and son: 

Asimina (Italian name for the Pawpaw fruit, born 06 April to Morrica) and Gelso (Mulberry, born 07 April to Pucca). May 2007. 

WWOOFers from Australia helping us test out Adolfo's newly invented recipe for nettle gnocchi. May 2007.

Picking the summer's first apricots (cultivar 'Aurora'). June 2007.

Adolfo taking the donkey family for a walk through the new pear field. June 2007.

Cherry bonanza and mega-'cots. June 2007.

Three Little Pigs-style house for our water filter. Aug 2007.

Home sweet home, minus roof and walls. August 2007.

Hungry primate feeding in fig tree. August 2007.

Hungry primate feeding on wine grapes. Sept 2007.

Giuliana, Adolfo, and Gregorio showing fat clusters of Trebbiano grapes. Sept 2007.

Adolfo working on the road under the new house. Oct 2007.

Fall harvest of hawthorns, medlars, olives and quince. Nov 2007.

Darcy inspecting the new roof. Nov 2007.

Emergency adjustment of the overflow pipe on the lake, on improvised boat. Dec 2007.

San Giusto in the snow. Dec 2007.

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