Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2006

Feeding frenzy. January 2006.

Leah the truffle-hunting dog, ready for action.  January 2006.

Darcy's dad, Doug, bottle-feeding the baby goats.  March 2006.

Adolfo and Doug nailing on a corner brace.  March 2006.

Pasquetta picnic.  April 2006.

Farmers' portrait, in front of the most intact portion of the old house. May 2006.

Looking at the future garden site over the poppy-covered field behind the house. May 2006.

Adolfo adjusting the new "anti-wolf" barbed wire fence top on the horses' pasture. June 2006.

Collecting the new hay bales. May 2006.

The new lake, fence and all. June 2006.

The fencing crew: Tonino, Darcy, WWOOFers Clare and Lucy, and Filippo. June 2006.

Truffle-hound Leah and her treasures. July 2006.

A whopper of a black summer truffle, shortly before its demise atop a plate of spaghetti. July 2006.

Laying the foundation for the rock wall, with the help of Gregorio. September 2006.

Starting to look like a wall, some 10 tons of rocks later... October 2006.

Finished project!  October 2006.

The "new" tractor, a Fiat 605C supermontagna. October 2006.

Taking 300kg of olives to the mill, at Frantoio Bachetoni. November 2006.

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