Farm Photos from Località il Piano, 2005

Our house-to-be, with most of the ivy trimmed off.  March 2005.

It's not usually -11degrees C  in mid-March!

Darcy contemplating the state of our "house".  March 2005.

Achilles taking a walk in the snow, village of Paterno in background.  March 2005.

View of Spoleto from Adolfo's office window, note castle (La Rocca) and church steeple (Duomo).  July 2005.

Adolfo and Filippo supervising the loading of our newest vehicle, an antique ox cart. September 2005.

Looking over most of our fields from above the main apple field, ruin of the old farm house at center left.  August 2005.

Gregorio plowing the field that will become Adolfo's "forest garden", a collection of unusual edible and useful perennial plants. August 2005.

Monastero, Adolfo's mother's house, where we're living until we can rebuild the farm house on our land. October 2005.

Looking across the Valnerina, which is under consideration for listing as an UNESCO World Heritage site. October 2005.

Planting fence posts for the new horse pasture.  December 2005.

Giuggiola (aka Jujube, the paint mare), Morrica (black donkey), and Pucca (white donkey) awaiting breakfast. December 2005.

Achilles and Sorba, craning her neck to see if there is a carrot behind the camera. December 2005.

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